Zarić Destilery

Aquire the taste for better life

The most modern brandy distillery in Southeast Europe

Unique and unforgettable taste

Premium brandy from Republic of Serbia

KRALJ - Plum cognac

FIRST and only drink of a kind in the world.


Large financial investments, dedication and desire to combine the best technology, modern science, experience and old Serbian tradition, made it possible to make the old “Povlen” shine as the new Zarić Distillery, the most modern brandy distillery in Southeast Europe.


Zarić Distillery was built on the tradition and premises of the once-famous brandy distillery “Povlen”, whose old glory faded over the last two decades until the arrival of the Zarić family.

THE QUEEN - plum brandy

Twice distilled plum rakija (prepečenica), aged for at least seven years in an oak barrel.