About us

The Zarić Distillery is located in Kosjerić, the northernmost municipality of the Zlatibor District. This fertile valley, situated at an altitude of 415 meters, is surrounded by the mountains Povlen, Maljen, Kozomor, Subjel, Drmanovine, Jelova Gora, and Crnokosa.

Favorable climatic conditions, quality soil, and its location have made Kosjerić a successful and well-known fruit-growing region with a long tradition.


History of the Distillery

The Zarić Distillery was established on the grounds and based on the tradition of the once-famous “Povlen” brandy distillery, whose former glory faded over the last two decades until the arrival of the Zarić family. Despite the fruit-growing tradition of the Kosjerić region, various circumstances led to the decline of the old “Povlen.” Determined to make the best use of the potential of this fruit-growing area and the tradition of producing the highest quality brandy, we worked tirelessly on modernizing and reviving the existing facilities for fruit processing and distillation. This also increased the demand for fruit cultivation in this region, as well as the production capacities.

Significant financial investments, dedication, and a desire to combine cutting-edge technology, modern science, experience, and old Serbian tradition in the best possible way allowed us to make the old “Povlen” shine anew as the Zarić Distillery, the most modern brandy distillery in southeastern Europe.

The tradition of brandy production in our family spans a whole century. Grandpa Miloš was regarded as a trusted brandy producer in the 20th century. It was known that there was no mistake with his brandy. Besides selling brandy at the Cooperative, Grandpa Miloš was a regular collaborator of the Povlen distillery, unaware that his descendants would later resurrect the Povlen Distillery from the ashes, proudly bearing the surname of the famous Kosjerić producer, ZARIĆ.

"Mile, without good plums, there is no good brandy. If it's not good for eating, it's not good for brandy either."

Today, the Zarić Distillery is one of the most modern distilleries in this part of Europe.

By modernizing production, we ensure the continuous quality of our brandy.

Through strictly controlled aging in oak and stainless steel barrels, we bring our brandy to life, giving it a soul.

Our people are the heart of our production. Their work, knowledge, and dedication are the key to the quality of our brandies.