COQUETTE Cherry liqueur

We first produced cherry brandy. Then, we let it age – “ripen”, and then squeezed the juice of fresh cherries the next year and add very little fructose (fruit sugar). We mixed it all up and got premium fruit liqueur that is neither sweet nor sour but is unique in our market.


  • Fruit cherry liqueur
  • Maroon colour (ripe cherries)
  • Alcohol 26% vol.

Product description

Fruit liqueur without artificial flavouring exclusively from cherry distillate and squeezed cherry juice.

Coquette cherry liqueur

Serve on its own after meals with desserts and cakes. Mix it with carbonated orange juice on hot days.

The irresistible taste of ripe cherry juice makes it unique in the market!

Sweet and not sweet, strong but not strong, sour and not sour, this liqueur just flirts with you. Flirt with it too!

Smell – rich, fruity

Taste – sweet and sour

Aroma – distinctive cherry juice aroma

Bouquet – full, long-lasting and durable