Our pride


...is plum cognac,

The FIRST and unique drink of its kind in the world.


  • Plum cognac produced from wine of PRUVIN plum.
  • PRUVIN is made by wine cuopage from three varieties of plums – trnovača, crvena ranka and
  • požegača.
  • Transparent golden-amber color
  • Alcoholic strength 40.0% vol

Product description

The production process of KING is somewhat like that of French cognac, but the main ingredient

is not grapes, but plums, the native one – trnovača. KING is made from PRUVIN plum wine,

obtained by blending wine from three plum varieties – trnovača, crvena ranka and požegača

wine. The all the plums are processed by hand. The pit was removed manually to prevent a small

part of the pit from remaining in the wine mash when the pips were mechanically removed,

which would increase the value of hydrocyanic acid (a poison to humans).

The white wine-making procedure was used, in which the unfermented wine is separated

immediately after pressing from the solid part of the grapes, here from the solid part of the plum

The wine thus obtained must be controlled day by day (almost hour by hour) and when the time

comes (because it cannot be sulphated) it must go immediately to distillation.

The first distillation, conducted in a copper boiler, produces a soft wine distillate with an

alcoholic strength of up to 30.0% vol. This wine distillate is subjected to a second distillation by

fractional distillation (all substances harmful to human health are separated) and a pure wine

distillate with an alcoholic strength of over 74.0% vol is obtained. As such, it is aged in 220 liter

oak barrels.

The ageing period in an oak barrel (must be from the Kosjerić area) should be at least 3 years.

The distillate is then gradually diluted to the right strength. It was proven that at an alcoholic

strength of 40.0% vol KING gives the best aromatics, as well as the bouquet and it is completely


More than 3,000 samples of wine and as many distillates were produced until the best result was

achieved, and the best result is the KING itself – a unique and fiery drink. Due to the complexity

and precision of production, KING is produced in small and limited editions. Such a premium

product needed to be packaged in a crystal bottle with two crystal glasses to ensure maximum


Smell - a rich and refined aroma of plum mixed with the smell of oak barrel.

Taste - harmonious with a long aftertaste of pure oak

Flavor - very pleasant, vanilla

Bouquet - superbly rounded, harmonious

This marvelous brandy, which deservedly bears its royal name, owes its quality to the

exceptional climate in which the plums are grown, at an altitude of 500-900 meters.