"Travaklija" brandy

Homemade plum brandy with medicinal herbs


When highest-quality plum brandy is combined with a blend of selected medicinal herbs, you get a unique taste and a lush aroma that moves the boundaries of your taste – a natural elixir of a bitter taste, but also the sweet effect of healing the wounds of your body and your soul.


When the highest quality plum brandy (šljivovica) is infused with a blend of selected medicinal herbs, it results in this exceptional herbal liqueur, which is an elixir with a bitter taste but invigorating effects. It is best consumed at room temperature.

• Fruits: Plums of the varieties "požegača," "trnovača," and "ranka," along with medicinal herbs.

• Packaging: Available in 0.7 liters and 0.03 liters bottles.

• Alcohol content: 40.0% vol.